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"Strengthening Your World"

Our motto is "Strengthening Your World". These days so much of the world is made to be disposable. But metal can last for many years and we can help you keep equipment or tools useable for years to come.

For businesses we can help you stay lean, by using our mobile service to come to you. We want to help keep your costs down too.
It can be expensive to tear down machines and if we can cut your down time to repair, let us. We can also help larger businesses with subcontract work that we can do in our full service shop.

Aluminum is a metal that is used a lot these days for various reasons. It is repairable but it needs someone who knows how to do it right and we do! We can back up our claim with references if needed. Stainless steel is another tricky product and needs special treatment, but it is no problem for us.

We are State Certified and members of the Farm Bureau of Wisconsin and the American Welding Society.
We are also Team National members and automatically give discount to any other team members. All new clients are offered discounts on first job and further on expedient payment of account.

Contact us and let us know what we can do to strengthen your world!


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Last Updated- October 20, 2011